C++ Mcqs for Beginners

C++ Introduction MCQs C++ Introduction MCQs who is the developer of c++? (a) Charles Babbage (b) Dennis Ritchie (c) Bjarne Stroustrup’s (d) None Answer (c) Bjarne Stroustrup’s In which Lab was Developed C++? (a) Bell Lab (b) ANSI (c) SDL (d) IBM Answer (a) Bell Lab In which Year was Developed C++? (a) 1972 (b) … Read more

C++ Array MCQs

C++ Array Important MCQs C++ Array Important MCQs _________ is a group of consecutive memory locations with same name and data type. (a) Loop (b) Array (c) Function (d) Class and Object Answer (b) Array Each element of an array has its own. (a) Name (b) Index (c) Size of an Array (d) List of … Read more