Computer Networking MCQs

Top 101+ Computer Networking MCQs

Top 101+ Computer Networking MCQs

  1. What was the name of first Computer Network?
  2. (a) MAC
    (b) SNoBoOL
    (c) ARPANET
    (d) None

    (c) ARPANET

  3. ARPANET stands for ______________.
  4. (a) Advanced Research Project Agency Network
    (b) Advanced Research Project Automati
    (c) Advanced Research Programmed Aul
    (d) Advanced Research Project Authorizeu

    (a) Advanced Research Project Agency Network

  5. PoP Stands for __________.
  6. (a) Post office Protocol
    (b) Pre Office Protocol
    (c) Protocol of Post
    (d) None

    (a) Post office Protocol

  7. Port no. of PoP is
  8. (a) 110
    (b) 43
    (c) 48
    (d) 25

    ) 110

  9. How many layers are in the OSI model?
  10. (a) 1 layer
    (b) 3 layers
    (c) 5 layers
    (d) 7 layers

    d) 7 layers

  11. OSI stands for ________ ?
  12. (a) Open System Interconnection,
    (b) Operating System Interface
    (c) Optical Service Implementetion
    (d) Open Service Internet

    (a) Open System Interconnection

  13. Which layer provides the services to user?
  14. (a) Physical layer
    (b) Session layer
    (c) Application layer
    (d) Presentation layer

    c) Application layer

  15. HUB is a
  16. (a) Calculating devi Network
    (b) Network device
    (c) Computing dev
    (d) Software

    b) Network device

  17. Which of the following is required to host web site?
  18. (a) Web Server
    (b) Mail Server
    (c) Database Server
    (d) Exchange Server

    ) Web Server

  19. Set of rules defines?
  20. (a) FTP
    (b) IMAP
    (c) SMTP
    (d) Protocol

    ) Protocol

  21. Which protocol is used for browsing data?
  22. (a) TCP
    (b) FTP
    (c) TFTP
    (d) HTTP

    ) HTTP

  23. What is the full form of HTTP?
  24. (a) Hyper Text Transfer Package
    (b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    (c) Hyphenation Text Test Program
    (d) None of the above

    (b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

  25. In https the letter ‘s’ stands for
  26. (a) Smart
    (b) Simple
    (c) Secure
    (d) Standard

    (c) Secure

  27. IP stands for ?
  28. (a) Internet Protocol
    (b) Intranet Protocol
    (c) Internal Protocol
    (d) Internet Pritocol

    (b) Intranet Protocol

  29. How many versions available of IP?
  30. (a) 1
    (b) 2
    (c) 4
    (d) 6

    (b) 2

  31. ___ is a network of networks?
  32. (a) Internet
    (b) Intranet
    (c) Webpage
    (d) Cookies

    (a) Internet

  33. was the first network based on TCP/IP protocols?
  34. (a) Hub
    (b) Router
    (c) Ethernet Card
    (d) None of above

    None of above

  35. Which of the following is the most common internet protocol?
  36. (a) STMP
    (b) TCP/IP
    (c) PPP
    (d) FTP

    (b) TCP/IP

  37. TCP/IP stands for ___________?
  38. (a) Transport Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
    (b) Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
    (c) Telephone Call Protocol/International Protocol
    (d) None Of The Above

    (b) Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

  39. TCP/IP model does not have ___________ model have this layer? layer but OSI.
  40. (a) Session layer
    (b) Network layer
    (c) Transport layer
    (d) Application laver

    Session layer

  41. TCP/IP model was developed _______ the OSI model.
  42. (a) prior to
    (b) after
    (c) simultaneous to
    (d) with no link to

    (a) prior to

  43. Home page is in form of _____________.
  44. (a) Text
    (b) Hypertext
    (c) Hyperlink
    (d) All of the above

    (d) All of the above

  45. A collection of hyper linked document on the internet called _______?
  46. (a) www
    (b) Htp
    (c) Email
    (d) Internet


  47. www stands for __________?
  48. (a) World Web Wide
    (b) World Wide Web
    (c) Wide Web World
    (d) All of these

    ) World Wide Web

  49. The location of a resource on the internet is given by its?
  50. (a) IP
    (b) Email
    (c) URL
    (d) Protocol

    c) URL

  51. URL stands for ___________?
  52. (a) Uniform Resource Lonatinn
    (b) Uniform Resource Locator
    (c) Uniform Resource Link
    (d) Unified Resource Link

    b) Uniform Resource Locator

  53. Web browser is/are __________?
  54. (a) Opera
    (b) Firebox
    (c) Google Chrome
    (d) All of the above

    d) All of the above

  55. X.25 is __________.
  56. (a) Layer
    (b) Protocol
    (c) Schema
    (d) Pocketing

    ) Protocol

  57. Which of the following is nota network topology?
  58. (a) BUS
    (b) STAR
    (c) RING
    (d) Peer to peer

    ) Peer to peer

  59. FTP refers to?
  60. (a) Free Transfer Process
    (b) File Transfer Protocol
    (c) File Training Protocol
    (d) Free Transport Protocol

    ) File Transfer Protocol

  61. The port no. of FTP is ?
  62. (a) 23
    (b) 21
    (c) 143
    (d 110

    b) 21

  63. What is the full form of IPv4?
  64. (a) Internet Protocol version 4
    (b) Intranet Protocol version 4
    (c)Internal Protocol version 4
    (d) None of the above

    a) Internet Protocol version 4

  65. How long is an IPv4 address?
  66. (a) 16 bits
    (b) 32 bits
    (c) 64 bits
    (d) 128 bits

    (b) 32 bits

  67. How long is an IPv6 address?
  68. (a) 16 bits
    (b) 32 bits
    (c) 64 bits
    (d) 128 bits

    (d) 128 bits

  69. LAN stands for ?
  70. (a) Local Area Network
    (b) Logical Area Network
    (c) Large Area Network
    (d) Limited Area Network

    (a) Local Area Network

  71. Which of these is part of network identification?
  72. (a) O.T.P
    (b) User ID
    (c) Password
    (d) Fingerprint

    (b) User ID

  73. When the mail server sends mail to other mail server called ?
  74. (a) SMTP
    (b) MIME
    (c) FTP
    (d) TCP/IP

    ) SMTP

  75. SMTP stands for
  76. (a) Sample Mail Text Protocol
    (b) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    (c) Simple Network Transfer Protocol
    (d) None of the above

    (b) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  77. Port no. of SMTP is_?
  78. (a) 143
    (b) 110
    (c) 99
    (d) 25

    d) 25

  79. MIME stands for ?
  80. (a) Multi Internet Mail End
    (b) Minimum Internet Mail Extra
    (c) Multipurpose Internet Mail Email
    (d) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

    (d) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

  81. port no. refers to _
  82. (a) SMTP
    (b) IMAP
    (c) FTP
    (d) POP

    (b) IMAP

  83. What is full form of BPS ?
  84. (a) Bits Per Second
    (b) Byte Per Second
    (c) Bytes Pro Second
    (d) Bits Per Secure

    (b) Byte Per Second

  85. What is full form of bps ?
  86. (a) Bit Per Second
    (b) Byte Per Second
    (c) Bytes Pro Second
    (d) Bits Per Secure

    Bit Per Second

  87. Bluetooth is a example of?
  88. (a) LAN
    (b) WAN
    (c) PAN
    (d) MAN

    ) PAN

  89. What is a PAN?
  90. (a) Part Area Network
    (b) Public Area Network
    (c) Popular Area Network
    (d) Personal Area Network

    d) Personal Area Network

  91. Server provides ?
  92. (a) Security
    (b) Storage
    (c) Back-up
    (d) All of the above

    All of the above

  93. The collection of network that can be joined together?
  94. (a) Internet
    (b) Intranet
    (c) Extranet
    (d) ARPANET


  95. Which network device is used to connect two dis-similar type of network?
  96. (a) HUB
    (b) SWITCH
    (c) BRIDGE
    (d) Gateway


  97. Which network device is used to connect two similar type of network?
  98. (a) HUB
    (b) SWITCH
    (c) BRIDGE
    (d) Gateway


  99. Which device convert digital sigrnal to analog signal and vice-versa?
  100. (a) REPEATER
    (b) MODEM
    (c) ROUTER
    (d) None


  101. What is the full form of modem?
  102. (a) Modulator Demodulator
    (b) Modem Demodem
    (c) Man Deman
    (d) All of the above

    Modulator Demodulator

  103. The common name for a modulator-demodulator is
  104. (a) Joiner
    (b) Modem
    (c) Networker


  105. Which device is used to boost-up the weak signal?
  106. (a) Repeater
    (b) Modem
    (c) Router
    (d) Switch


  107. node also known as ?
  108. (a) Data
    (b) Link
    (c) Computer
    (d) None of the above


  109. What is full form of MAC?
  110. (a) Mass Access Controle
    (b) Media Access Control
    (c) Mass Access Carriage
    (d) Media Access Carriage

    Media Access Control

  111. How long is an MAC address?
  112. (a) 16 bits
    (b) 32 bits
    (c) 48 bits
    (d) 64 bits

    (c) 48 bits

  113. FM stands for_?
  114. (a) File model
    (b) Frequency model
    (c) Frequency modulator
    (d) None

    Frequency modulator

  115. AM stands for ____.
  116. (a) Analog Mode
    (b) Analog Modulation
    (c) Amplitude Modulation
    (d) None of these

    Amplitude Modulation

  117. NIC stands for?
  118. (a) Network Interface Card
    (b) Network Interconnected Card
    (c) Network Interchange Card
    (d) None of the abo sutbtitles/closed captions unavailable

    Network Interface Card

  119. What is the full form of WAN?
  120. (a) Word Area Network
    (b) Wide Area Network
    (c) Web Area Network
    (d) Wan Area Network

    Wide Area Network

  121. What is full form of Wi-Fi ?
  122. (a) Wireless Fidelity
    (b) Wired Fidelity
    (c) Wireless Focus
    (d) Wired Focus

    (a) Wireless Fidelity

  123. PPP stands for ?
  124. (a) Point-to-Point Protocol
    (b) Purchasing Power Parity
    (c) PowerPoint Presentation
    (d) Public private partnerships

    Point-to-Point Protocol

  125. What is full form of ARP ?
  126. (a) Address rectification Network
    (b) Address resolution protocol
    (c) Allied resolution protocol
    (d) Address resolution process

    Address resolution protocol

  127. Workstation also known as __________?
  128. (a) Node
    (b) wwW
    (c) Internet
    (d) None


  129. Which one is not the type of computer network?
  130. (a) LAN
    (b) WAN
    (c) MAN
    (d) HUB


  131. _____ allocate and manage resources for a network?
  132. (a) Node
    (b) Server
    (c) Bluetooth
    (d)All of these


  133. _____ are the most common medium of communication?
  134. (a) HUB
    (b) Switch
    (c) Cables
    (d) Satellite


  135. Which device connects your computer to the internet?
  136. (a) Dongle
    (b) Modem
    (c) Hard drive
    (d) Teleohone


  137. A popular way to learn about computers without ever going to a classroom is called __________.
  138. (a) l-Learning
    (b) E-Learning
    (c) Star Network
    (d) Close Learning


  139. A network topology in which all data pass through a central computer is _______.
  140. (a) Bus Topology
    (b) Star Topology
    (c) Ring Topology
    (d) MeshTepelegy

    Star Topology

  141. Which of the following is not a disadvantageof wireless LAN?
  142. (a) Higher error rate
    (b) Slower data transmission
    (c) Interference of transmissions from different computers
    (d) All of the above

    All of the above

  143. What is a URL?
  144. (a) A type of programming object
    (b) A computer software program
    (c) An acronym for unlimited resources for learning8
    (d) The address of a document or page on the World Wide Web

    The address of a document or page on the World Wide Web

  145. In the following list of devices which device is used in network layer?
  146. (a) Switch
    (b) Router
    (c) Repeaters
    (d) Application Gateway


  147. HTML commonly reterred to create documents for?
  148. (a) FTP
    (b) HTTP
    (c) E-mail
    (d) WwW


  149. HTML stands for_____?
  150. (a) Hyper Text Markup Language
    (b) High Text Machine Language
    (c) Hyper Text and links Markup Language
    (d) None of these

    Hyper Text Markup Language

  151. What does ISP stand for ________.
  152. (a) Internal Service Port
    (b) International Service Protocc
    (c) Internet Search Program
    (d) Internet Service Providers

    Internet Service Providers

  153. What does TCP stand for ?
  154. (a) Transport Capture Protocol
    (b) Transmission Control Prototype
    (c) Transmission Control Protocol
    (d) Telecommunication Connection Prot rul screen (

    Transmission Control Protocol

  155. What is a benefit of networking your computer with other computers?
  156. (a) Increase in the computer’s speed
    (b) Increase in the speed of the network
    (c) Sharing of resources to cut down on the amount of equipment needed
    (d) Sharing of cables to cut down on expenses anaruuuer

    Sharing of resources to cut down on the amount of equipment needed

  157. In an internet that is accessible by outside workers?
  158. (a) Extranet
    (b) P2P Network
    (c) Firewall
    (d) Management Information System


  159. Network Interface Card (NIC) is an __________ device?
  160. (a) Input
    (b) Output
    (c) Input/Output
    (d) Storage


  161. MAP stands for
  162. (a) Mobile Application Protocol
    (b) Management Application Protocor netwotk across
    (c) Mail Application Protocol
    (d) None of the above

    Mobile Application Protocol

  163. BER stands for
  164. (a) Basic Encoding Rules
    (b) Basic Encoding Router
    (c) Basic Encoding Resolver
    (d) Basic Encoding Rotator

    Basic Encoding Rules

  165. Which of the following is not a storage device?
  166. (a) Hub
    (b) Switch
    (c) Tape drives
    (d) RAID Arrays


  167. SNMP is the framework for managing devices in an internet using the _____________.
  168. (a) TCP/IP protocol
    (b) UDP
    (c) SMTP
    (d) None

  169. Which protocols are used for Storage management?
  170. (a) MIB
    (b) SNMP
    (c) LDAP
    (d) POP3


  171. SNMP stands for _?
  172. (a) Simple Network Mobile Protocol
    (b) Simple Net Mail Protocol
    (c) Simple Network Management Protocol
    (d) None of the above

    Simple Network Management Protocol

  173. To use a Simple Network Management System, we need ?
  174. (a) IP
    (b) Rules
    (c) Servers
    (d) Protocols


  175. The main difference between SNMPv3 and SNMPv2 is ?
  176. (a) Management
    (b) Enhanced security
    (c) Integration
    (d) Classification

    Enhanced security

  177. The structure or format of data is called?
  178. (a) Struct
    (b) Syntax
    (c) Semantics
    (d) Formatting


  179. In computer network nodes are ?
  180. (a) The computer that originates the data
    (b) The computer that routes the data
    (c) The computer that terminates the data
    (d) All of the above

    All of the above

  181. Which of the following networks extends a private network across public networks?
  182. (a) Local Area Network
    (b) Storage Area Network
    (c) Virtual Private Network
    (d) Enterprise Private Network

    Virtual Private Network(VPN)

  183. Which of the following addresses is 32-bit?
  184. (a) MAC address
    (b) Source address
    (c) Virtual address
    (d) Destination address

    Virtual address

  185. Which network is suitable for a building?
  186. (a) WAN
    (b) LAN
    (c) MAN
    (d) PAN


  187. Effective storage management does not include?
  188. (a) Security
    (b) Backups
    (c) Reporting
    (d) Connection


  189. A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called_?
  190. (a) Protocol Suite
    (b) Protocol Stack
    (c) Protocol System
    (d) Protocol Architecture

    Protocol Stack

  191. Which of the following device is used to connect two systems, especially if the systems use different protocols?
  192. (a) Repeater
    (b) Gateway
    (c) Bridge
    (d) Hub

  193. The Internet is ?
  194. (a) A large network of networks
    (b) A communication system for some states of India
    (c) An internal communication system for a business
    (d) A communication system for the Indian government

    A large network of networks

  195. _is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network.
  196. (a) Desktop
    (b) Network client
    (c) Network switch
    (d) Network server

    Network server

  197. Which of the following communications modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction of a time?
  198. (a) Simplex
    (b) Half-duplex
    (c) Three-quarters duplex
    (d) Full duplex


  199. The slowest transmission speeds are those of?
  200. (a) Microwaves
    (b) Coaxial cable
    (c) Fiber-optic cable
    (d) Twisted-pair wire

    Twisted-pair wire

  201. A modem is connected to _____________?
  202. (a) A telephone line
    (b) A keyboard
    (c) A printer
    (d) A monitor

    A telephone line

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