Computer Basic Mcqs

computer basic mcqs

computer basic mcqs

  1. Father of computer is known as
  2. (a) Aristotle
    (b) charles Babbage
    (c) chan allens
    (d) vint cerf

    charles Babbage

  3. Father of internet is known as
  4. (a) Aristotle
    (b) charles Babbage
    (c) chan allens
    (d) vint cerf

    vint cerf

  5. Term computer is derived from
  6. (a) Latin
    (b) Roman
    (c) Greek
    (d) English


  7. CPU is combination of
  8. (a) ALU
    (b) CU
    (c) BOTH A & B
    (d) NONE

    BOTH A & B

  9. Basic operations performed by computer are
  10. (a) Storage and Realative
    (b) Aritmatic
    (c) Logical
    (d) All of the above

    All of the above

  11. Computers that has more than one processors
  12. (a) Multiprocessor
    (b) Multilogic
    (c) Multitasker
    (d) None


  13. www stands for
  14. (a) world wand web
    (b) world wide web
    (c) world width web
    (d) None

    world wide web

  15. ALU stands for
  16. (a) Arithmatic local unit
    (b) Arithmatic land unit
    (c) Arithmatic logic unit
    (d) None

    Arithmatic logic unit

  17. ALU performs operations.
  18. (a) Arithmatic operations
    (b) logical operations
    (c) storage operations
    (d) None

    Arithmatic operations

  19. CU stands for
  20. (a) computer unit
    (b) Control unit
    (c) Arithmatic logic unit
    (d) camera unit

    Control unit

  21. CPU Stand for _____.
  22. (a) central processing unit
    (b) centrol prolong unit
    (c) central patch unit
    (d) central performing unit

    central processing unit

  23. List of coded instructions telling computer how to perform tasks,
  24. (a) Hardware
    (b) software
    (c) programs
    (d) None


  25. which of the following is input device
  26. (a) screen
    (b) speaker
    (c) printer
    (d) None


  27. which of the following are application softwares
  28. (a) MS Word
    (b) MS Excel
    (c) MS Powerpoint
    (d) All


  29. which of the following are System Softwares
  30. (a) MS windows
    (b) Android
    (c) Linux
    (d) All


  31. RAM is abbreviation of
  32. (a) Random acces Memory
    (b) Read only memory
    (c) Read all memory
    (d) All

    Random acces Memory

  33. ROM is abbreviation of
  34. (a) Random access Memory
    (b) Read only memory
    (c) Read all memory
    (d) All

    Read only memory

  35. Which of the following is not output device
  36. (a) VDU
    (b) Scanner
    (c) Printer
    (d) Speaker


  37. Which of the following are valid units of measurements of data
  38. (a) GB
    (b) MB
    (c) KB
    (d) ALL


  39. Which of the following is not operating system
  40. (a) Linux
    (b) MAC
    (c) Windows
    (d) samsung


  41. Which of the following is static and non volatile memory
  42. (a) ROM
    (b) RAM
    (c) Both
    (d) NONE


  43. Which of the following is volatile memory
  44. (a) ROM
    (b) RAM
    (c) Both
    (d) NONE


  45. set of programs are called
  46. (a) software
    (b) program
    (c) Hardware
    (d) None


  47. Which of the following is text editor
  48. (a) Paint brush
    (b) Notepad
    (c) Both
    (d) None


  49. Keyboard converts typed characters into
  50. (a) ASCII CODE
    (b) AMI CODE
    (c) MSI CODE
    (d) None


  51. unit control the operation of CPU
  52. (a) CU
    (b) ALU
    (c) RAM
    (d) None


  53. Inventor of Difference engine is
  54. (a) Austin
    (b) Charles Babbage
    (c) vint cerf
    (d) None

    Charles Babbage

  55. Internet explorer comes by default in
  56. (a) Linux
    (b) MAC
    (c) Windows
    (d) None


  57. Mozilla firefox comes by default in
  58. (a) Linux
    (b) MAC
    (c) Windows
    (d) None


  59. Father of computer science is known as
  60. (a) Allen Turing
    (b) charles Babbage
    (c) chan allens
    (d) vint cerf

    Allen Turing

  61. WAN stands for _______.
  62. (a) wireless network
    (b) width area network
    (c) wide area network
    (d) wait area network

    wide area network

  63. LAN stands for
  64. (a) Local area network
    (b) Loss area network
    (c) Line area network
    (d) Lenght area network

    Local area network

  65. MSI stands for ______.
  66. (a) Mi scale ionized circuit
    (b) Metal slate circuit
    (c) Medium scale integrated circuit
    (d) More silical integrated circuit

    Medium scale integrated circuit

  67. First page of website is known as
  68. (a) Homepage
    (b) Thumbnail
    (c) Local page
    (d) NONE


  69. DOS stands for ______.
  70. (a) Digital operating system
    (b) Digital open system
    (c) Dilux open system
    (d) All of the above

    Digital operating system

  71. Founder of Microsoft ____.
  72. (a) Stephen Hawking
    (b) Steve Jobs
    (c) Bill gates
    (d) None

    Bill gates

  73. Founder of facebook
  74. (a) Mark Zuckerberg
    (b) Steve Jobs
    (c) Bill gates
    (d) None

    Mark Zuckerberg

  75. Physical parts of a computer are called ____.
  76. (a) Hardware
    (b) Software
    (c) Program
    (d) None


  77. Brain of computer.
  78. (a) CPU
    (b) CU
    (c) ALU
    (d) None


  79. IBM stands for
  80. (a) International Bussiness machine
    (b) Intel Business machine
    (c) International bolean machine
    (d) None

    International Bussiness machine

  81. 1 Byte equals
  82. (a) 34 Bits
    (b) 24 Bits
    (c) 8 Bits
    (d) None

    8 Bits

  83. Father of C programming
  84. (a) Dennis Ritchie
    (b) Steve Jobs
    (c) Barns Lee
    (d) None

    Dennis Ritchie

  85. which of the following is called temporary memorY
  86. (a) RAM
    (b) DVD
    (c) ROM
    (d) All


  87. which of the following is called permenant memorY
  88. (a) RAM
    (b) ROM
    (c) NONE
    (d) All


  89. _______ is the key to close a selected list; cancel command and close a dialog box
  90. (a) Alt
    (b) Enter
    (c) Esc
    (d) All


  91. ______ is the key to run the selected command.
  92. (a) Alt
    (b) Esc
    (c) Enter
    (d) All


  93. _____ is the functional key to display save as box
  94. (a) F12
    (b) F6
    (c) F11
    (d) None


  95. Two or more tasks being performed simultaneously
  96. (a) Multispeaking
    (b) Multitasking
    (c) Multiprocessing
    (d) ALL


  97. RAM is an example of.
  98. (a) Primary memory
    (b) Tertiary Memory
    (c) Secondry memory
    (d) None

    Primary memory

  99. ALU and CU jointly known as
  100. (a) PCU
    (b) PCO
    (c) CPO
    (d) CPU


  101. Magnetic Disk is an example of
  102. (a) primary memory
    (b) Tertiary
    (c) Secondry Memory
    (d) NONE

    Secondry Memory

  103. computer recognizes only
  104. (a) octal numbers
    (b) Binary numbers
    (c) Decimal Numbers
    (d) None

    Binary numbers

  105. 0,1 are called
  106. (a) Binary numbers
    (b) Octal numbers
    (c) Decimal numbers
    (d) None

    Binary numbers

  107. which of the following is not an example of binary numbers
  108. (a) 202
    (b) 101
    (c) 011
    (d) 111


  109. Ram is also called as
  110. (a) Replica memory
    (b) Read/ write memory
    (c) Retale/write memory
    (d) None

    Read/ write memory

  111. CD DVD are devices.
  112. (a) Optical
    (b) Laser
    (c) Xray
    (d) None


  113. ______ to a website are used to identify a user who return
  114. (a) excel
    (b) Cookies
    (c) News
    (d) None


  115. Which of the following is not a computer language
  116. (a) java
    (b) C++
    (c) COBOL
    (d) Excel


  117. All of the following are storage devices except
  118. (a) CD Drives
    (b) hard disk
    (c) Floppy disk
    (d) Printers


  119. where does the most data go first within a computer memory Hierarchy
  120. (a) RAM
    (b) BIOS
    (c) ROM
    (d) CACHE


  121. Help menu is found at _____.
  122. (a) Start button
    (b) Folder option
    (c) scroll Button
    (d) None

    Start button

  123. ASCIl code system provide different characters
  124. (a) 1036
    (b) 1024
    (c) 1044
    (d) None


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